How to Get Better Grades

One way to get good grades.

 There are many ways to get good grades, for example you can find apps that will help like the apps Mathway, Photomath, and more apps that will help you in all classes, not just math. Other strategies is asking grown ups and family to teach you how to get better grades on progress reports and report cards.


Why are grades important?

   These are some teachers, students, and counselors opinions…

   Mr.Meeks a HMS Math teacher said, “Kids don’t realize how important grades will be when they are older.” One of the students Neissy Zamudio said 

“It would help by studying and turning in homework/assignments.”


Study Tips

   These are some study tips that would help students with getting better grades in school…

*Break it down, if you have a bunch of stuff to learn about break it down into smaller chunks

*Listen and participate in class

*Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

*Motivate yourself

*Take a 15-minute break after 45 minutes of studying

*Consider studying together with your friends

*Take  notes during a class

*Keep your working space organized



   Hopefully the study tips will help students in school get good grades, better colleges, and good jobs for their future.