The NBA is a professional basketball league where the best basketball players in the wordplay. Many NBA players are famous for lots of different reasons, including acting, being good at other sports, and basketball.  The NBA is the most competitive basketball league where the best in the world compete for a shot at winning the finals. The NBA consists of 32 teams. There are two conferences, the western and the eastern conference.  There are 16 teams in each meeting, and 8 of the top teams from each conference are in the playoffs. In the playoffs teams from different conferences play each other until there’s one team from each conference left, then they go to the finals where they play for the title as an NBA champion.  


In this story, we will be interviewing students from Harvest middle school to see what their favorite NBA players and favored teams are. Andrew Dillon said his favorite team was the warriors, his favorite player is Donovan Mitchel, and he likes to watch basketball because games are fast-paced and fun to watch. Jose Leyva’s favorite player is Kyrie Irving. He also mentioned that he wants any team that Kyrie Irving is playing for, and he enjoys watching basketball because “it’s dope.”


In the Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks are in first place with 44 wins and seven losses. In the Western Conference, the Los Angeles Lakers are in first place with 38 wins and 15 losses. At the beginning of the season, both teams were expected to do well with all of the powerhouse players on the Lakers and the many skilled players on the Clippers.


Many NBA players have impressive seasons so far, including Giannis Antekounpo, Joel Embiid, Bradley Beal, Kahwi Leonard, James Harden, Anthony Davis, and many more.


In the NBA right now, most people’s hometowns team in the bay area the warriors are not doing so good, and the kings are doing all right this season.  The Bay Area’s favorite player Stephen Curry is injured at the moment, but he is expected to make his return later in March this season. As of now, the Warriors are the worst in their conference, but the kings are doing slightly better.  However, the Warriors are expected to have a turnaround season next year because two of their most important players were injured this season.