How to Overcome your Fear

How to Overcome your Fear

How to Overcome your Fears

Some questions we asked people

 ~How can you overcome your fears?

  ~Do you have a fear?

  ~What is your fear?

 Most people didn’t want to say what their fear was but we still asked how you can overcome it when you are thinking about it. It is human nature to avoid emotions that scare us.  Who wants to walk directly into what is promised to be a painful experience? Typically hiding from fear is avoiding any potential stressor that might cause you to become upset and engaging in endless distractions. Alas, you are also hiding from potential challenges that can lead to growth and joy. You can’t hide from fear forever. It’s going to strike despite your best efforts to suppress it, and it is likely that it will strike at a time when you most need emotional equanimity.

   What is Fear?  

Fear is the word people use to describe our emotional reaction to something that seems dangerous. But the word “fear” is used in another way,  to name something a person often feels afraid of. People fear things or situations that make them feel unsafe or unsure. Many people get fears from what other people say their fears are.

One of the answers we got was from 6th grader Victor H., who said, “Yes I have fear and I would not like to say it, but something that makes me relax is listening to music.”

Most people listen to music to stop thinking about their fears because music can clear your brain so you don’t have to think of the bad things.

Another student in 7th grade, Katie Hoskins said, “Yes, I have a fear and it is clowns and deep holes. I always try and not to think about it when I am so I also listen to Music.” 

So in conclusion, many people have the same fears and if you think you are the only person with your fear there are many other people in the world that don’t like thinking about the fear too. Everyone can overcome their fear just by a couple of steps to not think about it too much.