2020 Accelerated Math Field Trip

On February 11th, the Accelerate Math classes went on a field trip to the JA Finance Park in Santa Rosa.

The JA Finance Park is a traveling program in Northern California that works to give middle and high school students an opportunity to develop money management skills and to gain knowledge about finances to prepare for financial challenges and decisions in their adult lives.

First, everyone attended their 1st period to make sure their teacher knew they were going to the field trip and afterward they were all dismissed to go wait for the teacher in the quad.

The bus left Harvest at around 8:30 and the bus ride was about 1 hour and 30 minutes. After the bus arrived at JA Finance Park everyone made name tags and then proceeded to go inside the building.

Afterward, everyone got into groups and got an iPad and after signing in the simulator gave everyone a different life with different threats and jobs, some even had kids and were married.

Every group after exploring their lives shared them with their group and then everyone got together and Joseph Vance was lucky enough to share his life with everyone.

After Joseph was done sharing his life everyone proceeded to start exploring the kiosks they had made to explain what the students were going to spend their virtual money on. For example, there was a kiosk for Walmart because everyone needs to pay for food and without it, you can’t survive, there was also a kiosk for child care because many students had kids and now everyone knows how expensive having a child is.

Another example is that there was also a car insurance kiosk because when we get a car we eventually have to pay for insurance or we wouldn’t be able to drive the car. Just after going through every single kiosk it was time to eat and JA provided the students with meals from Chick-Fil-A.

Just afterward everyone went through all the categories spending money and trying to afford basic needs. This sure was a learning experience for everyone that attended because now they know how expensive the real world is.

Our experience was really fun and is an experience us and everyone who attended will remember and keep with us, all of the things we learned will help us in our future and hopefully by the time we are in high school the prices of things aren’t as expensive as they are now.