Community Project Check


NOTE: At the time of writing, schools had not been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding Community Projects.

Here at Harvest Middle School, every 8th grader has to do a mandatory community project in order to graduate and continue to high school.

The Community Project is when students come up with an idea that addresses a need or a problem in the community or sometimes the whole world.

Students are allowed to work in groups of up to three people, and there are four types of projects that they allow. The different types of projects are direct service, indirect service, research, and advocacy. 

There are also many different areas that the projects might benefit and help. Some of these topics are identities and relationships, personal and cultural expression, and globalization and sustainability.

For some students, the Community Project can add a lot of pressure and stress to students’ lives because they want to graduate. On the other hand, some students complete the project way before the due date with no stress or pressure at all.

Some students at school talked about how their project was going.

Grayson Wyman (8th) said, “I go help out at a pet store. I have not made any progress, but my partners have.”

Another student by the name of Connor Gongora, also eighth grade, said, “We are trying to have an after school class in the weight room. We have to get the ‘ok’ to use the room, but we haven’t gotten a response yet.”

Overall, most students said that they weren’t worried about their project, and they were confident about it. However, some of the students that were having problems hadn’t hit a major roadblock because their problems weren’t that hard to solve.