UFO’s Real?

UFO's Real?

New evidence suggests that U.F.O.s, aka unidentified flying objects, may be real.

There have been multiple sightings over the past decades of U.F.O.s  like in Canada where a U.F.O. crashed into the ocean, known as the Shag Harbour Incident.

Another famous  U.F.O. sighting was called the Phoenix Lights in which people saw lights in the sky flying in a V shaped pattern.

The military claimed it was flares but the witnesses said it couldn’t be flares because flares go in a swervy line and fall to the ground, but these lights went in a straight line and traveled for miles until they disappeared.

There have been too many other U.F.O sightings to discount them, but the government won’t admit anything.

We think that there is more to this story than it appears.


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