Harvest Eighth Grade Enjoys a Classic Christmas Story


NVC Photo

Zachary Stockton as the ghost of Jacob Marley

Harvest Middle School’s eighth-grade students had the opportunity to watch Napa Valley College Conservatory Theater’s performance of “A Christmas Carol.” We were lucky to be the very first group to watch this version of Charles Dickens’ famous novella. Their interpretation of the play was extremely professional.

The actor who played grumpy, old Scrooge easily convinced the entire audience that he was literally the grumpiest man on Earth. Even the young children in the play were award-winning.

The costumes were excellent, especially the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, and every character was great at playing their part.

Harvest Middle School is so thankful that the theater’s cast and crew welcomed our eighth-graders to their show.

We had a delightful time and look forward to being audience members at future NVC performances.

If you have a chance you should go watch this play. It rates at least a 9 out of 10.