Practicing Our BEST at Harvest

New Referral Form Policy Aimed at Teaching Students Respectful Actions


Have you ever wondered why we have new referral forms here at Harvest? Well, we have the new system so we can solve problems quicker, like fighting or bullying. There has been too much fighting and bullying all around the world.

If you misbehave at Harvest you can get what is called a low-level referral form for things like property misuse, throwing objects, dress code violations, technology violations, or inappropriate language.


We also have high-level referral forms for more serious issues like using or having drugs, alcohol, or explosive devices. Bomb threats, fighting and gang behavior can also get you in major trouble.

We talked with Assistant Principle Mrs.Garcia about who invented this referral form policy and she said “I don’t know who invented it, but it is widely used in the nation.” It is a part of the BEST strategy (Building Effective Schools Together)

We also asked her what she thinks of the new referral form policy and she said, “I think that it is effective and good at the same time”.