Harvest Has Talent!

INTERVIEW: Harvest 6th Grader Sings With the San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater.


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Fiona Harden (middle row – left) is a Harvest 6th grade musical talent who performs with the San Franciso Childrens’ Musical Theater. (Listen to her sing on video inside)

Fiona Harden is a 6th grader at Harvest Middle School and she has talent! Fiona  is a performer in the San Francisco Childrens’ Musical Theater and she sings really well! We wanted to find out more about Fiona so we did!

Q) What is it like performing in the San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater?

A) Its kind of inspirational because you’re working together with other kids, like 130 on stage and which you perform in the Palace of Fine Art or The Marines Memorial Theater…which is really funny because you get a lot experience from performing and that’s what I love to do. I love to perform and sing.

Q) What kind of music do you sing ?

A) Jazz, Hip Hop, anything as long as it’s a good song.

Q) How did you get into San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater ?

A) I have been taking singing lessons for six years, my second vocal coach referred me to San Francisco Children’s Theater a couple years ago.

Q) What’s your favorite part of being in San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater ?

A) I like to sing because it is a talent I have and I want to express it to everyone as much as I can because it communicates who I am.

Q) What was the last performance you had?

A) The last performance was with San Francisco’s Children’s Theater and it was a Christmas Performance, it was in Marines Musical Theater.

Q) Are your parents supportive?

A) Yes, they are very supportive and they take me to singing lessons every Wednesday, which is very nice.  Also my mom and her boyfriend are looking for an agent for me in Los Angeles.

Q) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A) I go to NYU and I’m in Broadway and…I don’t know, I want to sing Pop!

Fiona was very lovely and we can both tell she is going to become some one amazing in life. Oh and also we heard she is an amazing singer. Wish you the best Fiona!