Because of Mr. Terupt – A Book Review

Because of Mr. Terupt - A Book Review

This story is about seven students and their awesome teacher, Mr. Terupt.

The main characters are Jessica the new  girl to Snow Hill School, Alexia your friend one second the next your enemy, Anna is shy, Luke is the smartest kid in the class, Peter the class prankster, Danielle never stands up because she gets bullied because of her weight, Jeffery who hates school, and their teacher Mr. Terupt.

One snowy winter day the class goes outside and a snowball fight happens. Peter threw a snowball and he tried to hit Jeffery, but it hit Mr. Terupt, and from that moment on everything changed.

All of the seven kids explain how they saw it in their perspective. My favorite character would be Jessica because is smart. I liked the book because it was really sad.

If you like short easy and sad books then you have to read it!!!!!!!