Neon Lights Concert Review


On Tuesday, February 11, Demi Lovato, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony AND Nick Jonas were in San Jose during the Neon Lights Tour. Words can’t explain how amazing it was.

First, the show kicked off with something magical, Collins Keys. Collin is a seventeen-year-old magician and he is amazing. He was pumping out the crowd before the opening acts and Demi. One magnificent magic trick he did was that he turned a dollar bill into a backstage pass! It was impressive!

After Collin was done the lights went out and the screaming began. The Fifth Harmony interlude started. Lauren, Alley, Camilia, Normani and Dinah came out and sang “Me & My Girls”. Everybody started cheering and Fifth Harmony also sang ¬†Better Together, Leave My Heart Out, Independent Woman, Don’t Want To Dance Alone and Miss Movin On. Fifth Harmony were really cute and had really big heels on!

Once again Collin came out and was interacting with fans. I was sitting there patiently waiting for Little Mix and once again the lights turned off. The stage had red lights and Salute started playing and Little Mix and their background dancers came out. After they sang Salute: Perrie, Jesy, Jade and Leigh Anne were welcoming us. Little Mix also sang Move, DNA, No Scrubs, Bootylicious, Don’t Let Go, Little Me, Word Up and Wings! They were all beautiful and danced really good!

A few minutes after Little Mix’s performance was Demi Lovato. At around 9:00 pm, Demi’s interlude came on and every one was screaming and had glow sticks. Demi came out from the middle of the cat walk singing Heart Attack. It was breath taking! Every body was screaming and singing along! During the middle of the performance, Nick Jonas came out. I was in shock and they sang three songs together Stop The World, Catch Me, and Here We Go Again. Nick then left the stage and waved everyone goodbye.

A few songs after their performance was Made in the USA, Nightingale, Skyscrapper and Unbroken. I really enjoyed how Demi left the stage for a few seconds but still singing and she was on the floor greeting fans, thanking them, hugging them, I was amazed because Demi showed love to her fans and you can see that she loves them so much.

A part from the concert that Iwill always remember is when she gave us a small speech. I remembered she said, “During meet and greet I always hear, Demi you saved my life. And I always think to myself, you saved your own life, I was just there to help you and I am very happy I was there during your journey.”

While everybody was chanting her on, Demi said something I will always keep in mind when I go to a concert, “Tonight is not about who gets the best instagram video, tonight is about leaving all of your problems at home and losing yourself in the music!”

Demi also sang the song Let It Go from the movie Frozen and she showed us a video of her over the years and sang This Is Me and I was so happy to hear her sing that because I remember I would watch her sing that during Camp Rock (the movie) and listening to her sing that song in real life shocked me!

When she sang Neon Lights, before the concert she asked us if we can download an app and in the middle of singing NL she said “It is now time to use my app!!” The app said “point the screen to the stage!” And a few seconds later the screen was flashing neon lights just like the song! The arena was full of Neon Lights!

Sadly, the last song was Give Your Heart A Break and she kept on thanking the crowd, she said we were beautiful. The Neon Lights Concert is something I am always going to remember, it was an amazing experience watching Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato perform, it was a privilege.