Sticks and Stones…and Broken Bones

Sticks and stones may break our bones, or even – a ninth grader, a softball base, a wrestling mat, a bicycle and a skateboard, puddles and stairs?

We have been seeing quite a few arm and leg casts at school lately. Most people might ask, “how they could have broken these bones?” Well, there is a reasonable answer to this question:

  • Our first victim is a 6th grader named Sofia Juarez who, unfortunately, jumped into a puddle and broke a part of her foot.
  • Next is Language Arts and Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Riddell, who inconveniently fell down the stairs.
  • Two friends fell biking and skating- Cole Pritchard and Yoshua Jaime. Cole was riding his bike near his house and fell, while Yosh fell skate boarding downtown.
  • Two girls, Morgan Naslund and Elena Funseth- broke their foot while sliding into third base.
  • And furthermore, Angel Galvan who broke his hand while wrestling .
  • Last but not least, Ms. Kvidahl-Schmitz broke her foot while playing basketball with a ninth grader.

So it seems that more than just sticks and stones can break your bones.