Juvenile Justice

Students Get Informed About Law Enforcement Occupations in Napa


Every year Harvest Middle School 8th grade students go through a program that’s about two weeks long called Juvenile Justice. The program goal  is to educate students about the effects and consequences of illegal acts.

Every other day a representative from every division of Napa’s Justice System comes and visits and teaches the students about drugs, violence, probation, truancy, and Juvenile Hall. A total of four representatives came this year: Deputy Thompson, District attorney Gary Lieberstein, Deputy Robertson, and Nancy Wynne de Rivera. They each brought visual representations and a list full of information.Juvenile Justice pics 003

On the first day, the  Sheriff officer talked about what part of Napa they patrol and how many cities they police. The probation officer talked about what circumstances can get you put in to Juvenile Hall and he brought some clothes that you get to wear while you stay in the Hall. He also brought a urine test that they make you take while in Juvenile hall or on probation.

The Narcotics officer brought 7 types of drugs and a few more were presented in a power point. Also, in that power point were the effects of the drugs. Finally, the District Attorney taught us about his job and educated us about cases in Napa. At the end, we turned in a list of 20 facts about what we learned from the presentations.