Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Have you ever tried making “Rainbow loom bracelets?

Making these bracelets tis a great hobby. It all started with a couple of rubber bands and people interested around the world, including Harvest Middle School.

There are many different kinds of rainbow loom bracelet’s, for example the fish braid and the single chain bracelets.

There are many more kinds of rainbow loom bracelets, so many we can’t name all of them.

This is how you make the single bracelet: First you insert a rubber band at the end of the clip, pass second rubber band through first rubber band, fold to make a double loop, pass next rubber band through the double loop, repeat the same step over and over until it fits your hand and when it fits you you pass the last double loop to the end of the clip.  You can make it any color’s you want.

We interviewed Harvest student Andrea Guillen and asked her what she thinks of Rainbow Loom Bracelet’s and she said, ”I like them a lot. I started making them when I was 10 and I stopped at the age of 12.”

if you don’t know how to make Rainbow Loom Bracelets you really should learn. They are not expensive and look great!