Harvest is Alive With The Sound of Music…Thanks to Mrs. Hawks!


Grace Littlefield Photo

Mrs. Hawks leads a group of her students for a performance at the recent Day of the Child event at at Harvest.

Ms.Hawks started playing her first instrument in 4th grade. She started to like music so much she decided to become a musical instrument teacher and many years later ended up here at Harvest Middle School.

She is now a teacher of band and strings. She teaches almost 275 students at HMS. Ms.Hawks plays every single instrument except guitar. She also teaches in five other elementary schools.

Mrs. Hawks says that music can go to peoples’ soul and can make for a better life. She also believes that if you play music every single day you can become the musician you always wanted to be, you can also go to a University and become even more than a musician, you could become an inspiration.

Students at Harvest play in several concerts throughout the year. The winter concert, it was about giving peace to other people and is also a fundraiser.

Concerts are very fun because you can show people what you know and have fun with your friends. We play music so people can smile and so they can find their own inspirations through music.