Just a Few Things to do in Summer

Just a Few Things to do in Summer

Summer is almost here!!! Do you know what you are going to do? Well, if you don’t know what you are going to do I have a few tips that you can use this summer:

1. You can  go visit your family that you haven’t seen in a while

2. You can try out origami  (folding paper is sort of hard for me)

3. Go outside and do some activities (soccer, football, baseball, or basketball)

4. Go to the movies with some of your friends

5. Go to the mall and shop for some clothes

6. Read books (if you like to read books)

7. Go swimming

8. Use your devices (phone, tablet, laptop, or smartphone)

9. Sleep in

10. Hang out with your friends!!!

11.Party Party Party and more parties!!!

If you have some other good ideas on what to do in summer then please leave them in the comment box below!!!

Can you stop using your cellphones?Well I’m going to tell you a few tips to help stop using your cellphones this summer (for a while anyway). They are:

1. Go play and hangout with friends 2. Play with your brothers or sisters 3. Read a magazine, book, newspaper and etc. 4. Do some homework (if you have some) 5. Go outside and play hopscotch, tether ball, jump rope, two square, ball 6. Go play with your bike, a chargeable motorcycle, or car 7. Go outside and laugh out loud with your friends 8. Go to a quite place and think of your childhood memories 9. Have a sleepover at your friends house and leave your phone at home 10. Think about making paper airplanes, origamis, paper crows, and all the things you could make with paper.