One Direction vs CD9

Boy Band With a Mexican Twist Hits the Charts

One Direction vs CD9

Well, is it One Direction or CD9?

CD9 is trying to be like One Direction, but more like Mexican Direction.  They are like them a little bit and they want to be as successful as One Direction.

CD9 are great Mexican singers, and they also dance well.  Something they copy about One Direction is their style. Jose Canela, William Valdes, Alan Narrvarro , Alonso Villalpando and Freddy  Leyva are the five members and they represent the future of boy bands  in Mexico.

I think the most talented member is actor William Valdes who was in “Grachi” of Nickelodeon.  All of them  play an  instrument which makes them different than One Direction and others boy bands.

One Direction became the first band  in the U.S.Billboard 200 to have the best three album debuts at one number one. One Direction performs pop, dance-pop, and pop rock  with some electronic pop and a bit of straight rock. They are: Harry Styles ,Niall Horan,  Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson.

CD9 is hoping for the same success.