Harvest IB Grant Funding

Harvest IB Grant Funding

You may have heard that Harvest Middle School has become an IB school if you read our story Harvest Goes International.

Becoming an IB school comes with a lot of advantages such as integrating technology into the classroom and also a huge IB magnet grant. Three million dollars were given to three Napa schools Pueblo Vista, Harvest Middle School, and Napa Junction by the Federal Government. This grant has help HMS student tremendously improve their technology skills and letting them explore new ways of learning.

The grant has been used to buy dozens of new computers, 15 seventy-inch Sharp T.V’s to replace outdated video projectors, a Toon Boom animation lab, and much more to come.

Harvest has approximately 700 students and more than 55 percent are low-income. The middle school also is in Program Improvement, which — as designated by the federal No Child Left Behind legislation — requires schools to take corrective measures to help students perform better. The grant funding should go a long way to help.

The remaining four middle schools in Napa will also be getting their own computers and new programs, but those schools are receiving assistance from the New Tech Network and NapaLearns.