Any Last Words, 8th Graders?


These past three years are about to become a memory for this years 8th graders. From being the ‘little’ 6th graders, to the Giants game in 7th grade, this years Six Flags field trip, assemblies and rallies…we have had a blast together! But now we have to face the light and become the ‘little’ high school freshman, just like before.

So, any last words, 8th graders?



Peyton Mott, “I cannot wait for the sports at Napa High.”


Diana Sanchez, “I am excited, because I am graduating with all of my friends.”


Emily Gomez, “I cannot wait for softball.”


Caitlin Aaron-Vadnais, “I am nervous for the honor’s classes at Napa.”


Julian Vazquez, “Graduating from middle school is going to be tough because when we go to high school it will be more difficult and totally different.”


Esperanza Ayala, “Have fun being the leaders next year, 7th graders.”


Lily Rivera, “It may be hard now, but it will get better. Good luck.”


Emily Thompson, ” Work hard now, it will pay off in the end.”


Malia Blackmon, “Don’t cry because its over, smile cause it happened.”