Some Tips To Stop Using Your Cellphone Too Much

Can’t stop using your cellphone?

Well I’m going to give you a few tips on how to give your phone a rest:

1. Go play and hangout with friend.

2. Play with your brothers or sisters.

3. Read a magazine, book, newspaper, etc.

4. Do some homework!

5. Go outside and play hopscotch, tether ball, jump rope, or two square.

6. Go ride your bike.

7. Just go outside and laugh out loud with your friends.

8. Go to a quite place and think of your childhood memories.

9. Have a sleepover at your friends house and leave your phone at home.

10. Think about making paper airplanes, oragamis, paper crows, or anything else you can make with paper. 

Harvest student Kimberley Reyes told me, “I always use my cellphone or Ipod, and I really want to stop using it. But it’s hard to stop.” It’s the same with many other students.

I don’t really use my own device that much, and I recommend you to stop using your cellphone or other device at least two days a week.

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