Robin Williams RIP – A Comic Legend and Genius Actor

Robin Williams RIP - A Comic Legend and Genius Actor

Recently, we lost a great actor and comedian in Robin Williams. He left behind his two sons, Zachary and Cody, and daughter Zelda.

Williams  attended Claremont Men’s  College of Marin before enrolling at the Juilliard School for performing arts in New York  City. There,  he became friends and roomies with fellow actor Christoper Reeve. Eventually he became one of the countries funniest performers.

Williams then went on to perform comedy in San Francisco and Los Angeles and became a successful act.

Mr. Williams first landed his own television show on “Mork and Mindy” in 1978. Moving on he appeared in the leading part of the film by Robert Altman,  “Popeye”.

In the summer of 2006, Williams  suffered with drug problems and he admitted himself to alcoholism treatment in August of that year.

When he recovered, Williams put his energy into his sold-out shows. But health problems would come again for the comedian in March of 2009. Several months into a tour, Williams began expecting shortness of breath. The complications led him to cancel performances and he ended up undergoing heart surgery.

Then came the sadness of August  11, 2014, when the 63-year-old  comedian was found dead in his California home. He had been fighting severe depression. This is such a tragic and sudden loss.

Robin Williams was born on July 21, 1951, in Chicago.