Harvest Reacts to 6.0 Napa Earthquake

Students and Teachers Experience a Range of Emotions

Harvest teacher Mrs. Kvidahl picks through the debris to find her classroom clock frozen at the exact time of the big Napa Quake 2014.

Harvest families were awakened way too early over the weekend to the shaking of a major earthquake. Because of the the earthquake we had last Sunday,  students didn’t go to school for a couple of days.  Some students and teachers were really nervous and some were scared and here are some of their reactions:

  • Angel Gonzalez  said, “I was a little scared but I got over it.”
  • Mrs.  Franco  said, “I was scared and my bed was shaking and I couldn’t get out of it.
  •  Jose Garcia said,  “It felt weird because I didn’t really feel it’.”
  •  Karla Ayala said, ”I was shocked when I heard loud noises.”
  •  Alma Maldonado said, ”I was happy because there was no school.”
  •  Jennifer Lopez said, ”I felt terrible because everything fell down.”
  •  Evelyn Perez said, “I was calm because at first I thought it was a dream.”
  •  Carla Lopez told us, “I thought the earthquake was cool and scary at the same time.”
  •  Stephanie Avila said, “I was kinda scared at first.”
  • Yuni Camarena said, “I wanted to cry and find my family.”
  • Mr. Fajardo said, “I was scared and not be able to sleep and wanted a week  off  of work.”

Things started to get back to normal for most of us by Wednesday when students returned to school. We’re glad it’s over and feel sad for families who suffered injuries or a lot of damage to their homes.