The Amazing Magcon Boys

The Amazing Magcon Boys

The Magcon boys are famous on social media. In the Magcon boys there is Matt Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Carmeron Dallas, Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes, Taylor  Caniff, Jack and Jack, Hayes Grier, and Aaron Carpenter.

The Magcon boys is a group of boys starting at age 15 and goes all the way to 19.

You may be wondering, “why are they  famous and what do they do?” Well, as I said before, these boys are social media stars. It started with an app called “Vine” and these boys got  so called  “Vine  famous”.

The Magcon boys are  really funny and attractive which gets many girl’s attention. You may think that these boys are selfish, self-centered, immature boys looking for attention and money. Well, they aren’t.

Many girls have tweeted, commented, or told them in person that they saved their life. These teenage boys have convinced many teenage girls that they are worth it and life is worth fighting for. The Magcon boys helped save many teenage girl’s lives.

So, look up the Magcon boys and watch some of their videos, they may change your life.