Harvest Joins the GLAD Project

Project GLAD Uses Field Tested Strategies for the Classroom

Harvest Joins the GLAD Project

This year Harvest has recently introduced Project GLAD into its classes. Project GLAD is a model of staff training for language arts. It combines the study of brain research and second language acquisition.

The model is not only firmly rooted in research but it has been field tested in districts for the past 18 years. It has been found useful as a training strategy for both experienced teachers and those in training.

If you have the GLAD project at your school, you have classroom environments that value their students, provide authentic opportunities for use of academic languages, maintain high academic standards and expectations for all students, and foster voice and identity. 

Some of the several teachers that are participating in the GLAD project are Mr.Jimenez, Mr. Farjardo, Mrs.Davis and Mrs. Hurtado.

Mrs.Hurtado said, “Being apart of The GLAD project training this past summer was amazing!”

Mr.Jimenez stated, “I learned how important it is to get the students out of their seats and learn how to be a social learner!”