What’s Up With Social Media?

As all we all know, social media is not new. To us it’s part of the 21st century, so a typical teen has social media like Facebook or Instagram.

All some teens really care about is the newest or the most trending social media there is at the app store. But do we really know if the app is good or not. Well, I’m going tell you some stuff that I know to be true.

Remember when My Space started and, well, everyone want it? Yet as we were getting better at the whole social media stuff, in February 2004 Facebook arrived and that changed the whole situation. Quickly following came out Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Vine and Tumbler.

Well, the thing about social media is that Instagram and Twitter are a big rip-off of the original social media Facebook. On Instagram you post a picture and on Twitter you just tweet. It’s basically just the same thing!

You can choose which side your on, but now you know my point of view.