ISIS: The World Fights Back

France has joined the U.S. in airstrikes against ISIS.

France has joined the U.S. in airstrikes against ISIS.

As of September 18, 2014, President Francois said that France will be joining the US-Led campaign against Islamic State. They will be providing airstrikes against the Islamic militants in Iraq with the provided words, “The world was confronting unremitting brutality”.

ISIS is taking and conquering land in Iraq and Syria and the groups have been able to grow partly because of the international inertia that is growing day after day. With the growth comes new problems for the U.S., so America and France will be sending out airstrikes together soon.

With all this happening, this battle will hopefully not get too much bigger.

New information in Ankara Turkey states that over 130,000 refugees are running from ISIS state militants. And for almost a week ISIS has been using tanks and heavy artillery to sweep through Hamlets with mostly Kurdish inhabitants, and near the North Central Syrian Border town known as Ayn-Arar, and known to the Kurds as Kobani.

The fighting poses a major problem for Turkey which already has 1 million Syrian refugees on it’s hands, including 200,000 living in camps near the border.

The influx is one of the largest since the crisis in Syria began more than three years ago and it’s promoting Kurdish fighters in Turkey to rush across the border and join the fight in Syria.

Currently the U.S. is providing them arms. The total cost will be around $2.7 billion to give the rebels weapons so we don’t have to send in more American troops and be brought into another war.