Car vs. Crossing Guard at HMS – Remember to Keep Safe


Car vs. Crossing Guard at HMS - Remember to Keep Safe


“A couple of weeks ago, in the morning at 7:35, I was crossing the street when I saw a white Honda coming towards the crossing guard. I thought it would stop but it didn’t! Then all of a sudden it hits the crossing guard and she rolls on top of the wind shield of the car then rolls back down and falls on the ground. She was very injured because she broke a few bones. It took the ambulance about five minutes to get to Harvest.”

The woman’s daughter was sitting down on the sidewalk with a policeman and she was shaking and crying. The ambulance took the woman to the hospital while her daughter was still sitting down with the policeman. All the students from HMS were coming to school and wondering what happened and the teachers were telling them to keep walking and not stop or take pictures or anything. All the teachers were surrounding the area where it happened. Then the girl got up with the policeman and the policeman took her to a car and drove her away.

It was a very bad day for everyone especially for that family. All the students at HMS were feeling bad for them. After that, everyone left and everyone who was watching was very shocked after that bad morning!

Please remember to look both ways whenever crossing the street! And if you are a driver…PLEASE SLOW DOWN!