“El Paletero” – The HMS Ice Cream Man


Yuni Camarena Photo

Alberto Hernandez, “El Paletero”, visits Harvest every week day to sell ice cream after school.

Every single day El Paletero comes to Harvest to sell ice cream. His name is Alberto Hernandez. He is 21-years-old and he’s been doing this job for almost a year and a half.

Alberto has over 41 different ice cream flavors. The ice cream flavor that he sells the most of is lemon. He sells at least 90 ice creams a day.

El Paletero says he probably walks about five miles a day. He has the greatest attitude in the whole world, he even has nice conversations with little kids.

Most ice creams are two dollars or less. They are a good price. If it’s your birthday he will give you a free ice cream.

Alberto is one of those people who like children and has a heart for life. Kids always want to buy ice cream from him. They wait until he passes their house, then they run up to him.

They don’t like the other paleteros as much as they like Alberto. He will never stop working as a Paletero because he likes his job of seeing all the children that love him so much. Every school day, kids bring their money and buy ice cream from Alberto.

My favorite ice cream is Oreo cookie.

We love ice cream and Alberto!