Ebola – the Pandemic that Could Change the World

Ebola is a virus. Most people would call it a disease, but Ebola is actually an extremely infectious virus that can be transmitted by sharing any bodily fluids like saliva, blood, mucus, and even can be spread through skin to skin contact and many other ways. however it is not airborn so as long as you dont come in contact with it your fine

Where it started?

In 1976, Ebola started from a river in the Ebola river(Hense the name). There were two simultaneously outbreaks at the same time which started out in Sudan and Zaire.

What is it? 

Ebola is  an extremely infectious virus which uses people to reproduce. When the Ebola virus gets inside you, the disease will simultaneously change original cells into the Ebola virus cells. Because the way viruses reproduce is with using others, viruses don’t have the capability for reproducing on their own so they use something else to do it for them. It basically targets a cell, infects it, then turns it into an Ebola virus cell.

What happens to you once you get it?

When you get the Ebola virus is it will take about 1 to 21 days for the virus to start actually showing symptoms of Ebola. The virus mimics the symptoms of the common cold or flu.

What are the symptoms? 

The symptoms of Ebola are the usual common cold symptoms. The early fazes are just headaches, nausea, tiredness, red-eyes, and not wanting to eat at all. But some of the late symptoms are throwing-up, diarrhea, and bleeding through your nose, mouth, and ears.

What are we doing about this?

Well, Africa is not the brightest country when it comes to these problems. We sent a 9 man CDC team (center of disease control) to help find a cure, but the natives just attacked them so it is getting alot more difficult to solve this problem.