IPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus…the question has to be asked, which of the top two flagship Phablet’s are the best? Here’s the comparison.

Specs IPhone 6 Plus Note 4
Screen 5.5 Inch Retina HD display with a ppi of 401, 1920 by 1080 resolution. 5.7 Inch, super amoled display with a ppi of 515, 1440 by 2560 resolution, “ Quad hd” display
Ram 1GB 3GB
Storage 16GB,64GB,128GB 32GB with microsd support up to 128GB
OS IOS 8 Android 4.4 with touchwiz skin
Colors Space gray, Silver, and Gold Black, White, Pink, and Gold
Weight 6.07 oz 6.21 oz
Chip set A 64 bit, 1.4 ghz Apple A8 system on a chip A 64 bit, 2.7 ghz Snapdragon 805 system on a chip
Dimensions 6.22\3.06/.29 inches 6.04/3.09/.33 inches
Camera 8Mp rear camera with OIS, 124 or 240 fps, 1080p. Front facing camera 1.2 Mp. 16 Mp rear camera with OIS and 4K capabilities 30 or 60 fps. 3.7 Mp front facing camera with 180 degree selfe mode. 1080p
Fingerprint scanner Yes Yes
Micro-SD No Yes, Up to 128 GB
NFC Yes Yes
Battery 2915 mAh non removable battery. 3220 mAh removable battery
Built in Stylus No Yes
Voice assistant Siri S voice

The winner? The Galaxy Note 4. With a QHD display, and 3GB of ram, its a clear winner. However, Apple does not put the best specs in their phones, they rely on Apple’s stellar operating system.


Another Opinion

Jennifer Lopez – Hawk Staff

If your thinking of getting a new phone, the best option is the new iPhone 6 because it is an Apple product so you’re guaranteed to have all the latest features. Some great facts to know about the iPhone 6 are:

-it has already the ios 8                         

– it has new, amazing features

– the camera has been improved

– it’s lighter

– it’s skinnier by a centimeter

– it looks amazing

– it has the cool feature of slow motion camera

Those are some interesting facts about the new iPhone 6. I’m convinced and will get one soon.