Harvest Joins Millions in an Earthquake Practice Drill


Harvest students cover under their desks to practice earthquake preparedness.

On Thursday, October 16, Harvest students and teachers participated in The Great California Shakeout.

Shakeout is a drill that teaches students what you do if an earthquake were to happen. What they teach you to do is to drop and go under your desk. Also to cover your head with your hands.

Millions of people world-wide practiced this Thursday morning. Most schools and districts in California registered for this drill. For Napa, it was a reminder that we need to be prepared for the next big earthquake like the one on August 25.

These were the procedures:

  • At the first sign of an earthquake –
    • All persons were to duck under a desk and cover their heads with arms and hands.
    • All persons in the room were to stay quiet.
    • Once your classroom was checked everyone could return to sitting in desks and remain quiet.
    • The all clear announcement was given once all classrooms had been checked.

If you didn’t practice this drill then for more information you can go to the link down below!