Toon Boom – Animation with Mr. DeMarco


Nancy Camacho Photo

Students in Mr. DeMarcoo’s Animation class are learning how to create characters with movement.

Have you ever imagined being an animator when you’re older?

There is a new animation class that is here at Harvest and is taught by Mr. Demarco.

The class is in G-2 where all of the new computers are that Harvest has received. In that lab there is also a new TV that is touch screen.

Mr. Demarco will be giving the students lessons to show them how to animate characters and other things. They will probably be making a short animation story too.

Right now we are in the walking cycle which is lesson 3.

The students have been doing several things. For example, by hand they did a flip book, in the computer lab they did a bugs life, they did a character moving around the screen making a couple of movements, and finally the walking cycle which the kids are doing right now.

It helps that all 6th and 7th grade classes have e-books which are kind of like computers. Also, in some 8th grade classes they have e-books, and I’m pretty sure that at the end of the year every class at Harvest will have their own set of e-books.

The e-books are used for important things such as checking your grades, research for any project, etc.

The class is fun and also sometimes difficult. You should think about joining the animation class next year.