Harvest Staff Reacts to the Giants Winning the World Series!

Once again, the San Francisco Giants continue to amaze us with another World Series victory. Many of the HMS teachers and staff were super happy and excited. Here are some of the comments I obtained…

Mr. Lewis said, “It was inspirational to see so many people come together and not give up. It is the perfect representation of collaboration.”

Ms. Davis said, “It was AMAZING!!!!!”

Ms. Zorn said, “I am beyond stoked!”, then added, “I was at a restaurant watching the game and when the Giants won I got up on a table and started jumping up and down. Thank god the owner was sitting with me!”

Many others on the HMS STAFF stated that the win was spectacular!

Yes, the Giants victory left us here at HMS very satisfied…well most people anyway:

Mr. Fajardo said, “I thought it was disappointing because I do not like the Giants.” (I personally think that he is not going to be liked as much as he was for a while).

Mr. Paniagua said, “I’m an American league man, soooooooooo…”