Best iPhone 6 Cases


The iPhone 6 is a big investment, especially with its pricey sales point. With the sleek, thin, and very slippery design, a case may be a vital part of your daily life, especially if you intend to one hand it. I have compiled of what I think are the best iPhone 6 cases to save you from the hours of case looking that I spend when I get a new phone.


Best iPhone 6 Case For Drop Protection



Defender Series Case for iPhone 6



Otterbox has made unbeatable protection when it comes to cases, but with that protection it bound to be double the original size of the 6 its self. It comes in a multitude of colors and you can design your case to fit your personal needs, there are also pattern and NFL team cases.

PRICE: $59.90


Best iPhone 6 Case For Slim Protection

iPhone 6 Case Tough Armor

iPhone 6 Case Tough Armor (4.7)



This Spigen Tough Armor is arguably the best case for slim protection, with slim air filled bumpers, this takes drops way better than expected. It comes in four different colors, Satin Silver, Champagne Gold, Smooth Black and Gunmetal.



Best Skin For iPhone 6

Slickwraps iPhone 6 Skins


Slickwraps has made iPhone skins since the iPhone 3. They have over 50 skins and they are all under 25 dollars. There’s leather wraps, carbon fiber wraps, steel wraps, wood wraps and just color wraps. These are great to protect your investment from scratches.

PRICE: $22.95



There you go, those are the best cases (In my opinion) for the iPhone 6. If you think you’ve found a better case that I did not mention, put the link to the case down in the comments.