U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson Visits Harvest

California Representative Mixes with Students on Tour of HMS Campus

Students explain their art projects to the Congressman in Ms. Clark’s art class.

On Thursday, October 30, 2014, United States Congressman Mike Thompson visited Harvest. Our Principal, Mr. Flores, with Ms. Banta, Jones and Martin showed the Congressman, the NVUSD Superintendent Dr. Sweeney and Education Director Mark Morrison around our school.

First, Mr. Thompson made an announcement over the loud-speaker. He talked about the earthquake and how it affected our school and about the IB program that we are starting here at Harvest.

The first classroom Mr. Flores showed him was the Animation Lab. He explained how the computers work and how we use them to Mr. Thompson. They also visited the art classroom were Mr. Thompson asked the students what they were drawing. The students showed him their artwork and told the stories behind their projects.

The next classroom they visited was the Design class. The students presented and played the instruments they made to the group. The ISA History class also got a visit from the Congressman. There, he talked about his job and answered questions the students had. He took trips to other classrooms as well.

After all of the classroom visits, the group went to the library and talked for a while where Mike Thompson also answered some questions from Eyes of the Hawk reporters. One question was, “How long have you been a congressman?” He replied that he has been through 16 years in the U.S. Congress and eight years in the California State Senate before that.

He has worked with President Obama many times before and has met at least seven other Presidents!”

— G.L.

He has worked with President Obama many times before and has met at least seven other Presidents! He said that when he is at home, he works by going out in the community and finding out what their needs might be. Then, he takes all of the information that he has gathered and takes it back to Washington to find solutions to the problems he has found. Also in Washington, he votes on laws that they’re trying to pass and comes up with a budget so that they can pay for certain things.

Another question that was asked was , “Do you think that you are going to get reelected?” Mr. Thompson said that he thought there was a good chance he would. He said that he just does his job on the non-election years and that makes it easier when election day comes. He also revealed that he campaigns like any other person running for Congressman. He puts up signs and sends a letter out to the community asking them for their vote.

The last part of Thompson’s visit was Mr. Flores showing him some of the earthquake damage around the school. In conclusion, Harvest was very grateful that the Congressman Thompson came to our school.