Embassy Suites Adopts HMS


You know about the 700 apples that came to our school? Well, they came from  Embassy Suites.If you don’t know, we got adopted by them.

On November 5, 2014, we went to interview Mr.Flores to find out more information about this.

So far all the information we got is they adopted us because some of their kids go to Harvest Middle School and they want to know more about the I.B. learner traits that we learn here.

They want to make more events for the parents and teachers. They are also going to clean up the school and plant more flowers around here.

For now, they are going to start in the front of the school. They plan to start in December, but they are going to need parent volunteers, so you can contact them if you want to help.

The way Embassy Suites adopted us is by an Adopt-a-School program running throughout Napa.

“We are very excited and they are doing a very nice thing for us,” said Mr. Flores. Another thing Mr. Flores said was, “We want to be one of the best schools in Napa,” and Embassy Suites is helping us do that.