There’s a board game called Ouija. When you play the Ouija game, you can communicate with the spirits.

This board game is very scary and you play it with at least five people. When you play it, weird things start to happen.

The board has alphabet letters and participants place their fingers on the board and their fingers move around the board to spell out words.A lot of people get really scared.

People want to try the game but some say it can cause death. Some people play that game, and they don’t know how serious it is. People die because they play Ouija. People NEVER survive.

The game is sold in stores, and people buy it. A lot of people have heard of Ouija so they decided to make a movie. It’s based on a true story.

Some people even think that the devil lives inside the board.

The board has existed for a long time, so there’s many tales and movies about Ouija. The Ouija board was invented in 1894. Charles Kennard is the person who created Ouija, then William Fuld owned all rights to the Ouija board.

After his death his children took over his job. The board was suppose to be for good luck, but someone possessed the board, and nobody knows who.

Some people try to break the board but it won’t work. The board will always stay on this earth. Everybody is scared.