Napa’s Own Outdoor Ice Skating Rink


Yuni Camarena photo

Napa sponsors an ice skating rink every winter.

In Napa, they put an ice skating rink downtown every year for Christmas and is one of the most fun places to be. You can even be with your friends and do some tricks.

There’s 5,600 square feet of real ice and skating is only $12 per person. About, 300 people go a day. Many people donate money so they are able to make the ice skating rink happen.

If you are bored call your friends and go to the ice skating rink. Lots of kids don’t know how to skate, but it’s okay because you can practice with their friends. It’s about having fun, and you will eventually get the hang of it. Kids seven-years-old and older can go ice skating.

Its really cold, but that’s for so the ice doesn’t melt. As soon as you arrive you will see people having fun and falling. In case you’re hungry they sell food, too.

Ice skating is so much fun, especially if you are with your friends or family.