New Cell Phone Policy for Students at Harvest

New Cell Phone Policy for Students at Harvest

If you don’t know yet, there is a new cell phone policy here at Harvest Middle School created by the Leadership Committee of teachers at Harvest. Here are the new rules:

1. Students must receive permission from their teacher to use their device (cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) in the classroom. The device must  be “ON SILENT” while in the classroom.

2. Devices may be used during Break/Lunch/Before and After School/Passing Periods

3. Devices must be out of sight in the p.e. locker room and all restrooms

4. Students are allowed to use only one earbud in/out of class (not allowed to have two)

5. Devices are allowed in the library, but no earbud’s

6. Students are allowed to use their device with an understanding that if they are using it inappropriately it may be taken away. They may use it to make a phone call, text, search the internet, play games, listen to music…

7. If student will not give the teacher the device, teacher will alert an administrator for support.

Harvest students are welcoming this new policy!