Third Accelerated Reader Night is Popular


On Thursday, December 4, we had another AR night at Harvest Middle School. Students could read from 6:00-7:30. Harvest Middle School wants us to read and be able to succeed.

Some brought our books from home and started reading, and we were able to bring our pj’s. They were also offering popcorn, apple cider and there was a raffle. When we finish reading our books we could take an AR quiz. Some classrooms were also open so the students could read.

When you first came you have to sign in, so the teachers could know  if you were there and to get extra credit. At least 75 students came to the AR night, but in total like 100 or more because some family members came, too.

In the raffle the prizes were gift cards to Copperfield’s books. Ten people won the gift cards and one student won the grand prize, a Nook tablet. Her name is Emma Swafford, she got so excited. All her friends were making a huge mob around her and hugging her.

Little kids were smiling and screaming,because other people were clapping for her. That was a happy moment for Emma.