Former Harvest Student Charles Boyett Plays Big at Davis

UC Davis Football Defensive MVP

Heroes make you want to dream big and work hard. My hero? Charles Boyett, free safety for the UC Davis Aggies as well as Harvest Middle School and Napa High School alum.

I came to know Charles Boyett a while back, when I would see him playing football for Napa High. I liked him mostly because of of how he went about his ‘work’. He wasn’t flashy, or a show off. He seemed to do his job and get ready to do it again. Plus he is a younger brother like me.

I never met him, and then when he got a scholarship to UC Davis, and my family and I would head up there to watch him, he was still playing with that same intensity, playing hard each play. Through a family friend, I was able to meet Charles. We met at Silverado Middle School’s football field, and we tossed the ball around, and he brought me a pair of his football gloves. While maybe to some that might not be that big of a deal, to me, it mean a lot. I felt like he wanted to get to know me and we became friends. Over the past three years, Charles and I have written emails, met up after his football games at UC Davis, mostly talking about what is going on in my life and in his. This season I got to go watch him and the Aggies play at Stanford, which was very cool.

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I have learned a lot about Charles, but the thing that sticks with me most is how he has faced  injuries and struggles that to a lot of people would have them quit, give up. Charles never has. He has dealt with injuries in the past and during this season. Charles injured his knee against NAU catching a punt return. He tore his ACL and meniscus and was unable to finish the game, and it ended his season . He is set to have surgery during the winter break.  I think a lot of athletes would find it easy to say I’m done. But Charles never quits. And that is what he has taught me. This season I went to watch him play and even injured on the sidelines, he was more pumped and into the game and supporting his team mates than most of the suited up players. Intensity and commitment to your team, I respect that most about him.

And Charles was rewarded for his work ethic by being named the Aggies outstanding defensive player for this season by his coaches. Due to his injuries this season, Charles played just five games but he was called a  “coach on the field” by UC Davis head coach Ron Gould. Charles averaged more than 7 tackles per game, broke up a pass and forced a fumble during this season. Charles had 36 tackles this season, and the fact that he received this honor, shows what makes him special. Some people whine when they can’t perform, or get their shot to play. Charles didn’t stop being a defensive leader and motivating his teammates just because he couldn’t suit up. It wasn’t about him, it was about how he could be there for his teammates. That is not something a lot of people playing sports today think about. Charles also received All-Big Sky Conference honorable mention for the second straight season.

Sometimes it is what you do in the time when you are challenged, that makes the greatest impact. It’s easy to be a big shot when you are making all the plays and in every play. But how will you be when you can’t  play? That is where I think Charles showed his greatest trait, he is a good team mate and leader. One I look up to and one I respect. I hope I can be that kind of player and inspire a young kid when I am in college playing baseball. Trophies and awards might be great, but being that kind of person matters more.