Sony – Hacked Again!

Sony - Hacked Again!

Sony got hacked again last night by a group of hackers called “Guardians of Peace” Aka GOP. Lizard squad has claimed responsibility.

They are threatening to put out the social security codes of the workers of Sony. This was right before the Sony’s 20 year anniversary.

While Sony is getting a kick out of the immense success of its latest PlayStation 4 console, hackers are busy trying to break the code and find a tractable way into the system, and it looks like they have already done it. Every game on PS4 has been selling for $3 each because the hackers have been messing it up. Sony had to get back up and fight their hacker or enemies.

Sony also needs to get a better technology system because they always get hacked. The latest attack threw the whole studio off guard. “The hijackers’ identity and motivation remain unclear, though in the days following the attack, evidence has surfaced to suggest it originated in North Korea,” stated the