Play Ingress, a Real Life and Virtual Reality Game of Capture the Flag

Ingress is an app you can get on your device that allows you to play a game of capture the flag!

The Earth is your battle ground and your mission is to hack portals, but what are portals? Well portals are places you can hack and capture and there is normally a landmark or something that has some significance to history or importance or art.

There are two teams the ENLIGHTENED the green and the RESISTANCE  the blue.               

Now the way you hack a portal is very simple, all you need to do is go up to the portal which looks like an orb of light, and press the hack button. It doesn’t matter if it’s friendly Enlightened or neutral or Resistance, you can hack it either way.

If you hack a friendly portal you get loot, if you hack a neutral portal you get loot and the portal, if you hack a enemy portal you get loot, loss of health, and other items.

Now that you’ve learned the ropes to Ingress you can download it and play in yourself, but choose wisely for whose team your on. You can’t go back! check out the website and map here to learn more!