Edible Fractals

When we first came to Mr. Lewis’ 7th grade Math Busters class to do this story he was watching a Youtube video about fractals. A fractal is a repeated geometric shape that is a smaller and smaller version of the original. They can also be described as random and have a chaotic growth.

The fractals that the class were using were shaped very crazy. Some were in spirals, bright, colorful, and beautiful. Most of the fractals they were dealing with were vegetables.

The 7th grade class got to taste a lot of cool foods that they probably never tasted before, but to be fair Mr. Lewis also tasted all the different foods.

He knew his students might have not liked the edible fractals by themselves, so he brought them some ranch dressing. The class really liked the veggies, including brussels sprouts, which was very surprising.

We got to go behind the scenes and see what kind of foods they were eating and also got to eat some!

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