Ms. Straily and Her New Year Comics


New year comics were first starting to appear in the 1950’s in the newspapers comic section. They usually are kind of government sensitive.

Comics were originally made to help people who could not read have a daily laugh, almost like a more illustrated form of hieroglyphics.

New year comics are most often about bold things that happened in the previous year.

Ms. Straily has always loved comics, but new years comics are her favorite because she thinks that comics don’t always have to be funny. Her oldest comic is from 2009 when Barack Obama took over as the President of the United States. Since then she has collected two or three New Year comics every year.

I had the chance to interview two of Ms. Straily’s students, Osmel and Gabreal. They are both in sixth grade. They stated that they enjoyed the comics and how they reminded them of the past years.

Ms. Straily has multiple comics including the Napa earthquake, the 2010 Shoe bombing, and many political comics.