The Landing of a Hot Air Balloon


Alexus Knosky photo

A ballon lands on the Harvest track during school.

Did you get to see the hot air balloon that landed at Harvest on Thursday January 8, 2015 during first period? I did and I’m sure that you want to know why it landed here on the turf of Harvest.

We were in Mrs. Gould’s Language Arts class in I-8 doing a worksheet when all of a sudden Mrs. Gould started to scream, “OMG!” Us students said, “what happened.” Mrs. Gould responded, “look a hot air balloon has landed on our turf!”

After that, Mrs. Gould sent a few journalists, including me, outside to take pictures of the hot air balloon. We got to take the pictures outside, but we had to stay close to the classroom. The other students had to take pictures from inside of the classroom.

We don’t know what happened to the balloon, all we know is that there was about 20-30 people inside of it.