My Time in Lake Tahoe


For winter break I went to Lake Tahoe. My whole family went and we had so much fun.

When we were at the snow, we had a huge snow ball fight, kids vs. adults. Kids won of coarse. Although, it does not matter if you win or lose, it just matters that your having fun. We were in the snow for six hours.

Then we drove away to find a hotel to stay in. At the hotel there was free WI-FI, so I started playing on my iPod. I was texting my friends and telling them all about the fun time I was having, I also took many pictures.

The next day we went to a lake and the sand was frozen.While I was there, I went to the biggest hill in the park, and went down it. It was fun until I fell of my sled, but I was OK.

We only stayed there for two days and I had fun.  It was about four hours and 30 minutes to Napa from Lake Tahoe. We were on our way back to Napa, and I was thinking of the good memories I had with my family.