Terror in France! je suis charlie

Terror in France! je suis charlie

France is a European country and was recently attacked by a religious terrorist group. The reason I say religious terrorist group is because the place they attacked was a comic place where they made fun of religion.

Sadly they made fun of the wrong people by releasing a joke about Islamic religion. The book is called Je Suis Charlie which translates to I am Charlie in French.

The group attacked them, killing 17 innocent people. However, three of the extremest are dead.

The French S.W.A.T and police say that there could be a danger of a second attack and have banned women from wearing Burkas, which the Islams are not happy about as you can imagine.

Also, France just got knocked off guard by a massive wave of cyber attacks targeting 19,000 websites. Hopefully, we won’t be hacked by Islams after this.