We Live in the Most Peaceful Era Ever – HOW?

But what if we can’t avoid World War?

We Live in the Most Peaceful Era Ever - HOW?

This may come as a surprise to you because there is so much violence. Like the French shootout, I.S.I.S. beheadings, Korea threatening the U.S., and the Russians and Ukrainians battling it out.

So how can we live in a peaceful time? Well let’s look at this; war doesn’t get anywhere anymore with the international war crimes court, and it’s way simpler to use money to buy things out or trade resources.

Also, all the wars that are going on right now aren’t really national wars, they are civil wars, which means they are happening in their own state. It is much more costly if there is an international war.

Even though civil wars are still sad, now-a-days they’re mostly won by negotiating instead of killing the other side.

Also, it seems like almost every country is a democracy now and democracies don’t normally attack each other.

However, there is a chance that we won’t stay peaceful forever. If we don’t have a major war soon, it’s safe to say that we are changing. Honestly, I can’t explain it very well, so watch this video to get a better look at the facts.


Can the Universe End?!

Well, theoretically, yes it can. And it might! How? Well here are some ways.

Way 1: The Big Freeze. The universe is expanding, but while it expands it gets cooler and cooler until it gets so big that everything will freeze over and NO heat will ever spark again. However, that doesn’t mean things can’t survive.

Way 2: The Big Crunch or Big Bounce. It basically means  that at some point, gravity will be a dominating force and cause the universe to bounce back, so instead of expanding it shrinks.

That would cause everything to get hotter and hotter. So hot, it can cook suns from the outside and atoms will rip apart and super massive black holes will merge into one massive black hole that fills up the universe eating the universe and itself.

There are many other theories, but I just went over the most likely scenarios. Here are a few more. By the way, you shouldn’t be worried about the universe ending. Hopefully it will come back and it won’t even be in your generation, so don’t focus on it too much.