Facebook Is Dead

Facebook Is Dead

Facebook, back in 2011, was a social media giant at 1.98 billion users and 1.1 billion active users (accounts used within a month long time period).

My mom, being one of these users, always had the Facebook tab up. Everything was solid for Facebook, they bought oculus, a virtual reality company, until about 2013, then a more complicated competitor, this one named twitter.

Twitter now has a little over 1.3 billion users with 1 billion of those users active users, while Facebook has a measly 700 million users with 650 active users.

The reason why twitter has grown so big so fast is Facebook went with a easy to understand interface and that’s why it appeals to all ages. On the other hand, twitter has a little more complicated interface, that a lot of less tech savvy parents cannot figure out.

Also, most teens post things that their parents would not approve of, so when their parents send them friend requests on Facebook, teens migrate to twitter.

However, twitter and Facebook are not the only social media. There’s also Instagram, but that’s more popular with teens and tweens.